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Deco project is Best Wooden Flooring company Qatar & specialised in Custom Design Wooden floor Today. Deco project has taken the possibilities further. Trend wood Parquet can be utilised as the main floor or incorporated as a feature for areas such as entries for houses, billiard areas, offices etc.
We offer a wide range of quality wood products, more about solid hardwood, Laminated wood, Engineered wood and Parquet Flooring at competitive prices. Quality is paramount and we therefore supply & install.

Solid Hardwood

Perfect for rooms with heavy foot traffic and durable enough to last a lifetime, hardwood can be refinished multiple times. For best results, get help with the installation

Engineered Hardwood

Get the look of solid hardwood at less cost. Made from cross-grain layers of hardwood, it’s strong and stable. Click the planks together for an easy installation.

Parquet Flooring

Arrange parquet tiles into decorative and geometric patterns for a textured, elegant feel. Available in a variety of wood types and colors.

Decide how you will install your new floor. Will you do it yourself? Or, get help from a professional. Call us now…

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